Domain Name Email Settings: Important Information for Port 80 Clients

If you are one of our existing customers and you have a domain name email address, please read this post carefully and ensure you take the appropriate action.

A domain name email address is an email address that is based on your websites address (eg, If we have set up an email address like this for you and your website, please ensure you act on the following information to keep your email functioning correctly.

Heart Internet (Port 80’s supplier for domain name email addresses) is currently working on some improvements to their email services. These enhancements are set to go live on 1st October 2019.

What you need to do

All you need to do is check the port you are using in your outgoing mailserver settings. If your outgoing server is currently using port 25 or 465, you will need to change to port 587 with connection security set to  STARTTLS (not SSL).

When does this need doing?

The sooner the better! The new settings will work from today. If you don’t make this change before 01 October, you will no longer be able to send  emails via your domain email address.

How do I update my server settings?!

This depends what device you use to access your email (smartphone, tablet, mail client etc), but it is usually a very quick and simple process. In the first instance, try a Google Search for “outgoing mail settings iPhone” (or Microsoft Outlook etc) and follow the instructions.

If you get stuck, please email us and we will try to help.

Be aware that this will need doing for each device you use to access your email, and for every domain name email address you have.