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We offer two types of hosting, Premium and Standard. For WordPress websites and other database sites, our Premium hosting offers you all the performance and protection you need. Our trusty and affordable Standard service is ideal for more basic websites.

  • Port 80 Premium Hosting

    Most sites nowadays are what we call database-driven. This includes WordPress, Drupal & Joomla sites. As they are more resource-heavy, they need a more powerful server to run optimally.

    Our Premium hosting is designed for this. Sites are stored on our VPS (virtual private server) in London that we manage ourselves.

    Our Premium hosting also includes all our Web security services – essential protection to keep your website safe.

    Price: from €165* per year.

    *Conditions apply. Please see our T&Cs for more information.

    Web Hosting
  • Standard Hosting

    Port 80 Standard Hosting

    If your site doesn’t have a database, it’s probably a flat HTML site. Such sites, often called brochureware, are what our Standard hosting is designed for.

    We use Heart Internet, one of the UK’s biggest and best providers. Your website will be stored on a shared server, based in London.

    NB: this service does not include any of our website security services, backups or an SSL certificate.

    Price: €55 per year.

Premium Hosting Features

  • High Quality VPS

    With a Virtual Private Server, your site is guaranteed all the resources it needs meaning it will run faster
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  • Free SSL Certificate

    All sites hosted under our Premium hosting plan receive a free SSL certificate as standard
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  • Website Security Updates

    Includes all our website security services – essential protection to stop your website from being hacked
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  • Nightly Backups

    We take nightly back-ups of your site and store them securely off-site. Sleep easy knowing your site is safe no matter what

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