Search Engine Optimisation

There's no point in having a pretty website to show off your business if no-one can find it. We know how to build websites that are as search engine-friendly as they are people-friendly.

  • So what is SEO, exactly?

    Search Engine Optimisation refers to the techniques employed to boost a website’s position in search engine results. Ever since the birth of the web, people have wanted to get their website to the top of page 1 of Google.

    In turn, search engines have spent years perfecting their way of ranking websites. And so SEO was born and became a huge industry, full of professionals – and also the occasional cowboy.

    Search Engine Optimisation

Port 80 SEO

search engine optimisation

Our approach is to focus uniquely on the content of your website to ensure it is as SEO-compliant as possible. This helps search engines gauge what you are offering, and it also makes your content clearer to visitors.

Our keyword analysis strategy asks the question: “What would a potential customer be typing into Google to find a business like this” and ensures your site is built accordingly.

Give Your website a head start

Aside from your website’s content, an increasingly important factor that determines a site’s rankings is how fast it loads. The websites we make can be hosted on our high-performance VPS server, specially designed for WordPress websites. The sites it hosts are noticeably faster loading – which is good news for your customers too.

Can you get me onto page 1 of Google?

The honest answer is, it depends! The more unique a business is, the easier it is for it to be found. On the other hand, if you run a holiday gite in the Dordogne, you’re just one of literally thousands of businesses, so we make no such promise. All we can promise you is that your site will be built in line with the best SEO practises.

To rank highly, it is also important for a website to have lots of visitors, and for there to be lots of other sites that link to it. Building that kind of traffic is part of what’s called inbound marketing. If you really need to give your site that extra push, we recommend you find a professional who offers those services. We at Port 80 are web designers, pure and simple.

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