Feeling A Little Sheepish…

Umm… hello? Is this thing on? Yes, well… Yet again, we have utterly failed at mainaining our blog. Sorry! We do have something of an excuse but yes, a five-month pause is frankly unacceptable.

So, first off: it’s no longer 2019. This is a good thing. In fact, it’s an effing marvellous thing in our opinion. The only year more thoroughly naff than last year was 2016, The Cursed Year – and it even gave that one a good run for its money. But we have all made it through to the other side, embarking on a shiny new year, and indeed, decade.

Unfortunately for us all though, 2020 looks like it has every intention of upstaging its predecessor in the unrelenting misery stakes. The world really does feel like it’s in a sorry state these days…

But the point of this blog post isn’t to moan about the climate catastrophe, politics, mass shootings, or any of the other miseries of the modern world, it’s to recount the goings-on here in Mazeroux City! The main reason we’ve been so bad at blogging is that we had a really rather busy one last year – and indeed it is only now that we’ve been able to come up for air.

Making Maxwell-Baynes

Our single biggest project of the year was without a doubt Maxwell-Baynes. Maxwell-Baynes is a prestigious real-estate agency that specialises in the sale of high-end, luxury properties in and around the Bordeaux region. Our first contact with the company was in 2017, when we were hired to build a website for their sister company, Vineyards-Bordeaux.

Last year, Maxwell-Baynes decided they also wanted to redo their main website, and they asked us to carry out the work. As with the Vineyards-Bordeaux project, a third party had been hired to produce the design of the new website. Our job was to build it!

The site’s design is particularly elaborate with many extra touches to really make it stand out. It was a pleasure to build, but certainly required a lot of man-hours from both Matt, focusing mainly on the technical aspects, and from Will, who handled the front-end.

As well as featuring a very elaborate, modern and attractive design, the site incorporates a live data-feed of properties for sale, and various innovative different ways of filtering and searching through these properties. The site finally went live this week, and we’re very proud of the fruits of our labours!

Visit the site

Telling a story

Another site commenced in 2019 that has just this week been unveiled to the great big world wide web is B&G Partners. B&G are a team of two based in the UK who offer a range of coaching and training services to help individuals, companies and charities to achieve their aims through creativity and storytelling.

They needed a website that showed off their fun side, while at the same time still looking professional enough to appeal to the corporate sector. Hopefully, this is what we achieved…

Visit the website

Is it a bar? No! Is it a spa? No: it’s Spa Bar!

We also recently put live Spa Bar: a website for an après-ski venue with a difference. Based in the Grand Massif, Spa Bar offers all you’d expect from an après venue: cocktails, a chillout lounge, live music and DJs, etc.

But it has something that other venues do not: the Spa Garden, where you can rent one of their spas by the hour, either by yourself or with a group of friends, for the ultimate in post-ski relaxation.

Visit the website

A Very Dordogne Project

We also spent a good chunk of 2019 creating an online shop called Web Truffes, for an association based locally in the town of Sorges. They are a group of truffle-harvesters who wanted to be able to sell their products online.

They also wanted their site to be an information resource, full of recipes and helpful articles on truffle harvesting. Some of the content is protected by password so that access is restricted to members.

The site went live right at the end of last year (peak truffle season!) and has already processed dozens of orders, so they’re very pleased.

Visit the website

There are several more sites that we started last year that are still in the works, and some brand new ones from this year that we have yet to get our teeth into, so it’s likely that 2020 is going to be another busy one for us.

And if you think that sounded like us getting our excuses in early for the next big gap between blog posts, then you’d probably be right. Until next time (whenever that may be).