Website Updates & Security

After your shiny new website goes live, you need to make sure it stays healthy and safe. There are unsavoury types out there. We know how to keep them at bay.

  • A sad fact about the Internet is that any public-facing site has the potential to be exploited. With our many years in the web industry, we’ve learned this the hard way. The good news is that you can benefit from our experience.

    The main goal of our web security services is keeping your site and its database safe. We also provide back-ups for your site and database, in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

    Want to know more about our web security services? Read our blog article explaining all the steps we take to keep your website safe.

    How much?

    This service is charged at €45 / hour.

    For most sites, this is an hour / month. Our web security services are included free as part of our Premium hosting.

    Website Updates & Security

Plan Features

  • Audit & security analysis

    Full audit & security analysis of your existing website
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

    24/7 uptime monitoring to ensure your site is always available
  • Nightly back-ups

    We create nightly backups of all the sites on our server and store them off-site
  • Software updates

    We keep the software (WordPress, Drupal etc) of the sites we manage updated at all times
  • Database management

    We ensure databases are secure, that they run well, and that they're kept up to date
  • Apache

    Apache set-up and monitoring
  • Emails

    Email administration
  • Servers

    Server configuration

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