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WordPress Web Design in Dordogne

Port 80 Services has been offering a website design service to clients in the Dordogne and across the world since 2011. In particular, we are specialists in WordPress websites.

WordPress is a Content Management System, or CMS. There are many different such systems on the market, but WordPress is the most popular, and the best. That’s why it now powers over a third of all sites on the web.

Easy to update and hugely versatile, WordPress websites can be put to any use. If you need a website, chances are you need a WordPress website.

wordpress web design from port 80

The Websites We Build…

  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Are easy to update

    Maybe you have an upcoming event, or a special offer that you need to promote. Or a brand new product to add to your shop's catalogue. You need to be able to update your website at a moment's notice.

    With a WordPress website, you have complete control over your content. Add or change images or edit your text, all with a few simple clicks. They’re as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

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  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Are responsive

    All the websites we produce are responsive. This means that their content adapts automatically according to the size of the screen they’re viewed on.

    Responsive websites are as easy to read and navigate on a smartphone as they are on a regular PC.

    These days, more people use a mobile device to access the internet than they do a PC. If your website isn’t responsive, you are making it hard for your customers to use it. Don’t miss out on a large and growing section of the market.

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  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Can be multilingual

    It's simple to convert one of our websites into a multilingual site. What's more, we can even translate your English text into French for you.

    If you run an English business out here in France, you need a dual-language website. Maximise your pool of potential clients with a professionally-translated, dual-language website.

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  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Can do whatever you need!

    Our websites are flexible! Do you need a blog? Do you want to send out newsletters? Do you want to sell your products via your website?

    With WordPress, the system we use to create sites, anything is possible! The site we build you could be anything from a simple brochure that promotes your business online, to the engine that powers it and generates its profit.

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  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Enjoy super-fast hosting!

    The WordPress websites we build can be hosted on our lightning-fast, ultra-secure WordPress VPS server.

    Sleep easy knowing your site is backed up nightly, and that we will take care of all security and software updates to keep it running smoothly.

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  • The Websites We Build…

    ...Are SEO-friendly

    Search engine optimisation is an integral part of every project we work on and we think our results speak for themselves.

    Benefit from our years of experience and let us help you make your content as Google-friendly as possible.

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Meet The Port 80 Team

Port 80 Services is brought to you by Will Roberts and Matt Frisch. Based in the Dordogne in South West France, we offer a professional web design service, with clients across France, the UK and the world.

  • Matt Frisch

    Co-Founder & Senior Web Developer

    Matt knows how to make websites that can do all kinds of clever things. He has been working with websites since the late ’90s. The majority of this time was in the finance and media industries in the US and UK, including for Channel 4 Television.

    Our chief programmer, he is skilled in a wide range of technologies with current focus on LAMP-based open-source software, particularly WordPress. He is a huge fan of the Clash and loves peanut M&Ms.

  • Will Roberts

    Co-Founder & Designer

    Will’s job is to make the things we build look pretty, and to make sure your content is web-friendly. He is a designer, front-end developer and a CSS ninja. After many years hand-building flat websites, these days he mostly designs in WordPress.

    A naturalised French citizen who lived in the country for several years as a child, he is a fluent French speaker and makes multi-language websites. He’s also a gigantic David Bowie fan and did not enjoy 2016 at all…

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Our Latest Project

This is one of our most recent projects. You can read a bit about it below, or check out our portfolio for more examples of our work.

  • ARBC

    ARBC is a family-run business in the UK that sells DIY garden furniture restoration kits. If you have an old bench in your garden that is rotting away, you can transform it into a fully-restored and functional item of furniture with one of their kits.

    All of ARBC’s sales occur via the website, which is a full e-Commerce site. Port 80 actually designed the website some years ago, using a Content Management System called Drupal.

    However, a forthcoming major upgrade of the underlying Drupal software was going to oblige us to rebuild it from the ground up. So we instead suggested to the client that we use the occasion to make a new site in WordPress.

    Doing so enabled us to introduce some new functionality to improve and simplify the user experience, and also to make order management easier via the site’s back-end. And while we were there, we gave the design a little freshen up too.

    Website Features

    • Full e-Commerce site (using “WooCommerce”, payment processing via Paypal)
    • Custom-made order form for non-standard restoration kits
    • Form for users to submit new reviews for displaying on the website, including photos
    View site
    Our Latest Project

Thank you once again, really pleased with the revamped site. It has been an easy process thanks to your efficiency and ability to interpret my ideas.

– Gary Heath, Heath Carpentry Ltd

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