Port 80 Services is in The Press!

Port 80 Services, along with Périgord Beers, one of our latest clients, was recently interviewed by local newspaper Réussir Le Périgord. This is a weekly economics journal for the Dordogne, with a readership of 25,000. They have written a special feature called “Signature Nouvelles Technologies” about local businesses in the area.

The article explores how Port 80 was able to help Périgord Beers achieve their business aims through the creation of a professional, custom-made website. It wasn’t posted on their website, but a (translated) transcript is below. You can also download it as a PDF.

Web design. Port 80 services produce custom-made websites that their owners can update themselves. Their work for Périgord beers, a craft brewery in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière, is a good example of successful communication and a tailored service.

A website built through collaboration

If you need an effective and well-designed website, you are better off hiring a professional. This is the conclusion that Valerie and Michael Povey came to.

The Périgord beers website is the result of a successful collaboration between the clients and the web developers (Photo: S. Bouzon)

In 2016, this couple from England set up a craft brewery in St-Saud-Lacoussière. They produce “British-style beers, brewed in the Périgord vert”, as their brand new website states.

“At first we found someone who made us a stop-gap site,” says Valerie Povey. But we wanted something more powerful and more professional to show off our work, and to use as a marketing tool. At the end of 2017, they contacted several web design agencies but the one they finally went with, Port 80 services, came to them by word of mouth. “We clicked with them right away. We were immediately put at ease”.

Websites the owners can update themselves

When Valerie and Michael made contact with the agency to explain their needs, Matthew Frisch and William Roberts, web developer and web designer respectively, already had a good idea of how to proceed. “William was already a brewery customer and had seen their old website, so he already knew what needed to be improved and what elements were lacking.

The brewers met Matthew and William in early 2018 to discuss their requirements. “We wanted an eCommerce site that was easy to use, and above all one that we could update ourselves – that was crucial for us”, says Valerie. The agency proposed to build them a WordPress website. “It’s a system we work with a lot,” explains Matthew Frisch. They’re easy to use and users have complete control over their content. We knew from the start that this was the best fit for Valerie and Michael. WordPress sites are also very versatile; it’s easy to add new functionality over time, so they can adapt according to one’s needs”.

After their meeting, the agency provided the brewery with two quotes. One was for a more hi-spec site and another that would be quicker and easier to create. “We chose the first* option. The quote was around € 2,000, a price that we found reasonable, especially for a site that exceeded our expectations”, confirms Valerie.

An Attractive Storefront

Over the following months, the brewery worked on providing the necessary content for the site (the text and photos) while the agency worked on building it. “We offer a full web design service, including optimising your content for search engines (SEO). We also create mobile phone and tablet-friendly versions, given that most people nowadays use portable devices to get online. And we take care of all security updates to keep sites safe from hackers” Matthew adds.

The end product is one that not only met Valerie and Michael’s needs, but also highlighted the benefits of working with with a team that possesses both technical and design skills. “Now we have a website that does what we need, and also looks the part. It’s great to have both form and function” confirms Michael.

Périgord beers now have an attractive storefront. Customers can browse their range of beers and order directly from the site, and also read all about the beer-making process. The site also has an events calendar, and a “beer finder” tool that lists all the places that stock and sell their beers.

Thanks to a personalised user guide the agency provided, Valerie can now easily update her website herself. “Sometimes I need to change a photo, and now I can with just a few simple clicks. It’s exactly what we wanted”.


* The article incorrectly stated they opted for the cheaper version. They decided to go for the full eCommerce website.