New Site for Allez Français

Back in February, we took over management of the Allez Français site. At that point, it was running on very old software, and hadn’t had a design refresh for many years. Although an upgrade was already planned, the previous developer was unable to complete the project.

The site upgrade consisted of three main components. First, the front end, including a completely new look and feel, a French language version, and a responsive design to make the site available on mobile devices and tablets. Second, a new content management system (CMS) to manage the back end of the site. Third, integration with a 3rd party customer management (CRM) system that is used as the primary source for property data.

The new design was created by a 3rd party but it was our job to convert it from images into functioning HTML. In addition, we added the code for the slideshows and other dynamic features, and made sure the site would work on mobile devices. For the CMS, we chose Drupal, one of the most highly used open-source systems, known for it’s flexibility and ease-of-use. The integration with the CRM system is done via a web service that periodically downloads any changed data.

The entire rebuild was done in just over a month, and went live on the 1st of September. So far, the feedback has been largely positive. Have a look and see what you think: