Les Écuries de Milhac Redesigned

Back in 2011, we were contacted by the local equestrian centre in our wee little village of Mazeroux, Les Écuries de Milhac, as they were looking for a website. They’d never had one before and were looking for a way to increase their customers, and also to provide the members of their club with some information on their upcoming events and activities.

The site went live in January 2012 and the owner, D’Jenny Barrao, was very pleased with it. She has reported a sustained increase in new business as holidaymakers in the area have been able to find her on Google. (Her site ranks #1 for the search terms “horse riding lessons nontron” in English and “centre equestre equitation nontron” in French).

We since ended up becoming good friends with D’Jenny. Whenever we have friends come over and visit, we get to take them out on horse rides and D’Jenny never lets us pay for them. So, to get our revenge we decided recently to revisit the site design and give it a bit of a freshen up as a present for her!

We’re really pleased with the result. What do you think of the new-look site?

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Les Écuries de Milhac