At Port 80, We Take Your Safety Seriously

It’s not until you have your very own web server to manage that you appreciate just how many meanies there are out there. Armies of hackers all across the world are constantly prodding and probing for a weakness in our defences so they can gain access to the websites on our server.

If a website does ever get compromised, it can spell its end. A hijacked website can be used to send out spam emails, to steal user data, to disseminate viruses and many other nasty tricks.

Luckily for you, our dear clients, our server is robust, and we are ever-vigilant.

As part of our commitment to your websites’ safety, we have recently introduced a new service: free SSL certficates as standard for all our privately hosted websites!

Err, What?

What’s that you say? You’re not a geeky nerd and have no idea what an SSL certificate is? Well, the brief and non-geeky answer is that it is a form of encryption that is used to ensure that any information transmitted to or from a website is unusable to hackers.

SSL certificates are mainly used on websites that handle financial transactions, but increasingly are being used across the web as sites such as Facebook and other social media see us sharing more and more personal info online. The only difference you see as a user is that the site address changes from to httpS://

They can cost anything from €30-€300 per year, depending on where you order from, and they’re fiddly to install. However, if you choose to host your website on our Premium hosting server, we will automatically include an SSL certificate, free of charge! Aren’t we nice?