Port 80. Redesigned. Redefined.

We’re very proud to unveil our newly redesigned website! 2018 has been a bonkers year for us here at Port 80. We’ve never been busier and the time has just flown by.

Out here in France, though, everything stops in August – and we really do mean everything! It’s an aspect of French culture that we really love. Its too hot to think straight in any case, so why not just down tools and go out to enjoy the summer ?

But, the devil makes work for idle web designers, as the old saying goes. So we decided to use our down-time to turn our attention to our own website – and here’s the result. This website’s now officially had more face-lifts than Joan Rivers…

Your WordPress Specialists

As well as a fresh new look, we’ve also taken the opportunity to shift our focus. Over the last several years, WordPress website development went from being about 20% of our work to practically 100%. This is only to be expected  – WordPress now powers over a third of all existing websites, and its usage continues to grow.

It’s such a versatile system: you really can make any sort of website with WordPress. And of course, these are sites that the owners can update them themselves, which is crucial these days.

So we are now focusing specifically on WordPress website development. And with our lightning-fast new server, designed expressly to host WordPress sites, we have the perfect platform to give sites we build the edge. That’s not to say that we won’t make other types of websites if needed. But for our money, there’s no better system for building websites…