It’s all gone Autumnal all of a Sudden

Well, summer is definitely over here in the Dordogne. We had our first frost last night and the wood burner has even been on throughout the day this week. We can’t really complain after such an amazing summer – easily the best we’ve known since moving here in 2009 – but it did seem to stop with quite a jolt.

Luckily for us, we’ve had a few things to keep us busy indoors lately. We recently put live a new website for an English-run gite based in Normandy, France, called Le Petit Rigault. It has an enquiry form and an availability calendar. Thanks to the integration of a nifty system called Cushy CMS, the owners are able to make changes to the site’s content themselves. It is also, like all the sites we produce, responsive.

In our previous post, we talked about the local association, Musique en Herbe, with whom we’ve become affiliated. We actually have two upcoming concerts with them so have a lot of rehearsing to do in the coming weeks. We also mentioned that they were in need of a website. Well, now they have one! It’s a responsive WordPress site that features YouTube videos of their concerts, as well as information on their music lessons. We’re pleased to report that the guys love it.

Speaking of, it’s rehearsal time now, so au revoir – and try to keep warm!