Building Vineyards-Bordeaux

The Port 80 team recently got involved in a very exciting project and now that the work’s done, we thought we’d write up a blog post about it.

In February this year, we were approached by Vineyards-Bordeaux, a well-respected real estate company specialising in vineyard sales that a offers a boutique service across the Bordeaux region of France. The client had an existing website that they wanted redesigning.

They’d already hired a third-party designer to produce a design: now all they needed was someone to actually build it. So far, so easy.

Tick tock, tick tock…

The challenge lay in the deadline. For various reasons, Vineyards-Bordeaux needed to get their vineyard site built and launched by the end of February! Considering the complexity of the deisgn, and the size of the website, this meant we were really up against the clock.

In addition to the 10 main pages of the website, there was a pre-existing and long-running blog whose articles all had to be transferred over, and also an archive of their previous transactions. The site is also available in both English and French, meaning that every page and blog post had to be set up twice.

vineyards-bordeaux website-screenshot
Screenshot of Vineyards-Bordeaux. Click to view site.

Ready, steady… Go!

Work ultimately began on the 12th of February, and for the rest of the month, our team of two worked full-time and full-throttle on bringing their design to life. There are many stages to putting a website live, and it normally takes at least a month from start to finish.

A mere fifteen days after starting, our weary team stood back and admired their handywork. From blank screen to fully-functioning, mobile-friendly, multi-language website in a little over two weeks – not bad!

Small can be beautiful

When it comes to web agencies, there are advantages to being small, for the agency itself, but also for its clients. At Port 80, we pride ourselves on the speed and the flexibility of our service, which we couldn’t provide if we were a larger outfit.

It was our ability to work efficiently, and to react promptly, that enabled us to see this project through.