Advanced Websites

Using a database to power your website opens up a whole range of advanced functionality. In fact, there are so many possibilities, it’s easiest to give examples using sites that we’ve built.

ecommerce websites

Online shops…

Online shops use a database to manage things like stock, customers, orders, and shipping. Kiwi en France sell hand-made jewellery and their catalogue contains over a thousand products. It also provides different pricing and options, for their retail and wholesale customers.

Websites that can speak to other websites…

Advanced websites can integrate with other systems to retrieve and supply data. Allez Français are property agents in SW France. Their site gets its data from a 3rd-party source, and in turn, provides a data feed to other portals. Many sites we build use Google Maps data to show locations and provide directions, such as Horsepooling and HAHS.

Using web-based tools to save you time and money…

web-based software

Advanced websites are also a great way to manage business processes. With access privately restricted, a website can be a form of software tailored to the specific needs of your business.

We built such a site for a consultancy firm in London called Carbon Plan. The site has grown along with the business, and is now used for employee time-keeping, project management, report generation, financial tracking, and task scheduling.

What’s Included…

Everything in our Bespoke Web Design package*, plus any of the following services, depending on your requirements:

  • CMS development in Drupal and WordPress
  • Ecommerce sites in Prestashop, Zen Cart, and Magento
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social network integration
  • Calendar and scheduling functionality
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (e.g. room booking, real estate portals)
  • Mapping libraries for route calculations, directions etc.
  • Database programming
  • Bespoke web software development
  • Something you don’t see here? Chances are, we can help.

* All services are available on a freelance basis, where you supply the design

How Much?

Our advanced websites start from €800, depending on your specific requirements. This includes discounted WordPress hosting for the 1st year, and one year’s domain registration.

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